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miércoles, 25 de mayo de 2011

We are sponsoring operations on cats and dogs this weekend!!!

Ok, it´s been a looooooooooooooong time since we´ve written... in English at least.

We have decided to use a portion of the money we have received as donations to sponsor 11 operations within this week, weekend and next week.  It´s going to take about a year to really formulate legally the NGO and in the meantime, there are still stray dogs and cats that continue to reproduce on the streets.  With $200, we can sponsor 5 surgeries on cats that a volunteer of her own efforts, Sandra Triviño has collected from the Franklin slaughterhouse where they sell all kinds of meat and there are always a lot of cats.  Apparently, there are still 28 cats there that have not be fixed yet, most of them females.

The rest of the funds was donated to Yolanda Adonis and Gabriel Diaz who will be using it to operate on 2 dogs, one of which I met this evening, photos to come, and 5 cats as well.  The funds have already been transfered to the appropriate clinics that will be doing the operations; Animal Chile, Esteriliza Chile and Patitas Vet.  We will be sending by email a receipt of donation to everyone that has donated.  It was truly a treat to meet some of the dogs that have already benefited from the help of people like Romina, Yolanda, Sandra and Gabriel.  And, the dogs are so precious and beautiful.  They are finally beginning to allow people to pet them!  As mentioned, photos will be up soon.

We still continue to need your help.  There are still at least 45 cats to operate on that we know of in the locations we´re at and MANY dogs.  Usually, only the dogs are discussed but the reality is that the cat situation is the same or even worse.  Mainly because they are hiding during the day and for that reason, they don´t receive all the attention or help that they need. Another reason why we´ve decided to put the funds towards these cats at this moment.

It would be great to continue to receive your sponsorships and help.  With $30 we can pay for the surgery of a dog and $20 for a cat.

Thank you to everyone.


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