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lunes, 7 de marzo de 2011

Aspects to Know and Consider

General Info:

     In Chile, for a number of years, there has been the big problem of abandonment of animals, primarily because of the lack of education of the owners and little knowledge of how to responsibly care for one´s pet.

    Therefore, as we see in many Chilean cities, hundreds of abandoned animals who suffer through hunger, cold, rain; old and diseased animals that can also carry the diseases to the general human population.  The problem increases when there are abandoned females who become pregnant and have their litters in the street and the population just gets larger and larger over the years.

     The problem is most visable in the neighborhoods with less economic resources where the population cannot afford to use veterinary services and does not have enough education to decide not to have pets, let alone to take care of them economically speaking.  For these reasons, it´s estimated today that the current street dog population in Santiago is 250,000 to 400,000.  There is not a current estimate of cats at the moment.  However, this is an enormous amount of dogs without homes.

General Description of Foundation:

     Our foundation will be located in the downtown area of Santiago, the capital of Chile.  It will be focused on providing veterinary services primarily the spaying of female dogs and cats.

    We will do this in two ways:  the first will be to select under-developed neighborhoods to spay their dogs with no-cost to the owners.  The second will be to work with an Animal Protection Agency to provide the service to animals that they will bring to us.  Having them as an agency, we can provide post-operative care and find homes for the operated dogs and cats.  As well, they will provide us with the opportunity to provide education and trainings to the general population, in community centers, schools, and day-cares, focused on the responsibilities and care for pets.

    All of the animals involved will leave our foundation healthy; with all the up-to-date vaccines and required shots, inside and out.  

    As we continue to grow, we will continue to need the local and international communities support.  Please pass our information on to everyone you know.

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