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miércoles, 23 de marzo de 2011

Making advances...

It is wonderful to get feedback... whether positive OR negative, it´s always a learning experience...

Today we met with the owner of Chiledar, an organization that helps non-profits in their fundraising efforts.  It was definitely a learning experience and I think although animal related organizations in Chile are not as important to the general public as they are in the US and other more-developed countries, there is always a place to start!!!

After that meeting, we met with the founder of the Gonzalo Olave foundation (www.gonzaloolave.cl), which is probably the most well-known animal rights foundation in Chile.  We were able to see what they do and what they have done in the past and we were even invited to see the land they own in the northern countryside of Santiago, in Quilicura on Sunday!  It should be exciting for us to share our passions for animals!

On another note, we are meeting with a pro-bono student lawyer on Friday to get professional advice on the procedures for opening the NGO, empresa sin fines de lucro, empresa social, etc., and what they all mean...

As well, we have added a member to our team, Dr. Carlos Riquelme, who will be assisting in every surgery and it is a pleasure to have him with us!  We are looking forward to all working together for the cause!

MORE NEWS, as you know, our website is up and running: www.santiagoabandonedanimals.org and we have already received TWO donations!!!  Thank you to our first supporters, you will always be recognized!!!

We will keep you updated as we progress...

Elizabeth Kocek
Santiago Abandoned Animals

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  1. Me leíste el pensamiento! dije para mi.. hoy escribiré los avances que estamos teniendo, pero después dije que mejor te decía a ti, para que lo escribieras en tu idioma! vienen tiempos mejores, tengo Fe!